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another thing? amongst the other things? the Penny Arcade TV Show is pretty odd. i really haven't drawn any kind of conclusions from it whatsoever, except to say that Jerry Holkins seems like he's really short and roly-poly, and that the "Part 2" of the pilot episode is actually vaguely touching.

inferiority complex, anyone?

is it weird at all that when i mentally staff the white house in my brain, using friends and family, i'm not the president - i'm the chief of staff? like i'm the sidekick in my own superhero fantasy.


i hate being sick. i hate it with all my might.

also? i have a problem about which you all may be able to offer advice:
of the five major jobs i've had since high school, one was working for my father, two of my direct supervisors are no longer working there, and the remaining two are bound by company policy not to provide references. thusly, i have absolutely no professional references to offer when applying to jobs. this is an immediate problem, and i don't have a solution. ideas?

the only real alternative

some possible weird al yankovic-style spoofs on that "i kissed a girl and i liked iiiiit" song:

for the animal-lover: i kissed a squirrel...
for the tree-hugger: i kissed a burl...
for the materialist: i kissed a pearl
for the aspiring high-society lady: i kissed an earl...
for the slumming high-society lady: i kissed a churl...

whether or not the narrator "liked iiiiit" i leave entirely to his or her creative license.

good day.

EDIT: also? caitlin's been putting up with crap like this for five years, as of this evening. so, you know. happy sort-of-anniversary to us, and here's assuming there'll be many more to come.

Writer's Block: Book worms unite!

What are the three best books you have ever read and what are the three worst? What made them so good or bad?

this is a really tough question. i'll answer, because it's an interesting question - but know that the books on the following best/worst list are picked somewhat arbitrarily from among my many favorite and least favorite works.

the Best and the WorstCollapse )

fulfilling my position as buzzkill



(i actually do like thanksgiving, and am happy with what it's become - namely, a day to reflect on and appreciate the things we do have. i just like throwing some EXTREME HISTORY into the mix.)

the old switcheroo

on Google News:
stories about that little kid whose parents didn't actually send him up in a balloon, have moved from the national news to the entertainment section.
stories about sarah palin's book have moved from the entertainment section to the front page.

this is particularly distressing. two camps of people i loathe with gusto, have been slotted into the exact media positions they wanted to be in, by exercising the exact kind of shallow stupidity for which i hate them so.

two more!

-i've put myself on an indefinite moving-picture embargo. not movies, tv, youtube videos, or hulu nonsense until my willpower breaks down. it's partially just because i'm curious to see how long i'll go, but it should also increase my productivity, at a time when the maximization of productivity is paramount.
-apparently (according to an interview happening on NPR right now), the idea of interpreting religious texts literally really never occurred to anyone until well after the Enlightenment had started. see, before that time, people were pretty used to thinking about religious/mythological stories allegorically. it wasn't unusual to hear a story that made no sense, and to analyze it for its nuggets of wisdom. but post-Enlightenment, modernizing societies were being slowly taught that everything had (and deserved) an explanation, and that the purpose of any story was to explain the world as it was - not symbolically, but literally. so they started reading religious texts the same way they would read any other book - mining it for historical fact and explanation.