August 9th, 2011

Thoughts on Rabble

This is (probably) the only thing I will have to say on the subject of the debt deal. I may respond to comments, depending on their tone. Don't come to me with mean sarcasm and political puffery, I won't abide it:

Dear Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, Tea-Partitians, Hippies, and all the other people screaming about how the "other side" screwed "you:" There's a reason you all feel like you got screwed. It's because you did. All of you. Everyone lost, and we can pretty solidly blame ideological absolutism. If each of us lends a finger, together we can all point our fingers at each other, and we will have accurately captured the scope of blame. But if we could get that kind of community coordination, don't you think maybe we could put it to more constructive use?

Please, please, PLEASE, let's learn a lesson here. Screaming is not the answer. Generalization of a malicious "other" is not the answer. Let's remember that solutions come slowly in a democracy, and always with a price. Let's learn that an acceptance of complexity is not a vice, and endeavor to truly consider the full field of perspective. Let's talk, and ask questions, and place value on understanding, rather than just defending a position. Let's stop glorifying the ideologues and dismissing those who search for synthesis and compromise as "spineless" and "pandering."

The gray area isn't the middle - it's everything. Everything is complicated, everything has relevant context, and unless we are seeking either an anarchist state or absolute authoritarian rule, discourse and understanding are of greatest importance.

G'night, ya rabble.

-N. (R.)