August 22nd, 2005

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so i'm leaving caitlin's house soon, circa 9ish, to take katie out to alfred, new york. gencon was enjoyable. regretable, but enjoyable. i now owe a bunch of people a bunch of dollars. if you are one of these people, thank you muchly for your contribution, and i am sorry that you do not have monies, or have less monies. i'm happy to be taking katie to alfred, though it means four or five days in a car with my dad, three of which where it will be just the two of us. this should make for interesting times, particularly since apparently my cds are locked into my stuff, so it's gonna be all about my poppa's music. i'm not sure how i'm gonna handle it. i assume i'll live.
now, off with me. batman is on, and i guess we're watching that.
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