August 14th, 2005


in bad news: tom strom apparently doesn't know how to opperate e-mail, or is too lazy to reply to e-mails. this means i'm working on my tattoo design without professional assistance. also, the next opening he has is october 31st, a day where i will be at school. also, i have to work a 9-hour shift today. for those of you who are saying to yourselves "that's not so bad, that's like a 8-5 work day. no big deal," i say to you, it's a little different when you work at a grocery store. 9 hours of staring at the clock while being yelled at by your employer and customers for things they most likely did wrong.

the good news: i own a tuxedo. also, tom might have an opening at a time in november, such that i would be home for thanksgiving break, and would be able to get the tattoo. good times.
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