August 13th, 2005

good meme

1. What is your best memory of the summer?
2. What is your worst?
3. Name something you learned this summer.
4. Who did you connect with this summer?
5. How was this summer different than last year's? Was it better or worse?
6. What would you differently if you could do it again? What will you do different next year?
7. What does the future hold?

1 - seeing caitlin at the airport in chicago for the first time in a few weeks
2 - one night, sitting alone in my room, trying to figure out the fucked up state of my own emotions (only to find out later that they weren't really fucked up at all)
3 - i've changed so much over the course of the last year. i've matured, and grown away from my childhood, and specifically, from my ignorance and simplicity. i'm not sure how i feel about this.
4 - tim, alex, and katie are the big names. at least as far as connections that weren't the same before this summer are concerned.
5 - last summer exemplified the ignorance, angst, stupidity, and misfortune of my high school years. this summer has exemplified the entering of adulthood, the acceptance of responsibility, and all the things that have changed in me since last year. this summer has been infinitely better overall, though specific things have been lost that i wish i had held on to from last summer.
6 - i wouldn't have squandered so much money when i didn't have to. next year, i intend to be working a better job, whether that be better in the sense that it will be more beneficial for my resume, a job i enjoy more, or some combination thereof.
7 - water (read "the future holds...")
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