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theljparadox's Journal
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Wednesday, August 10th, 2005

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goddamnit, life...why the fuck can't you just leave max alone?
a guy in a large black truck ran us off the road in max's car. max hit a tree, and the guy just drove away. luckily, a guy in the next lane over got the license plate, and the people around were really helpful, but max didn't have his license on him, and his insurance is already TERRIBLE. god...fucking...damnit.

Current Mood: so fucking angry
ah, updating for the hell of it.
textbooks = half ordered, cheaper than expected
katie's show = awesome, sad, funny, good.
max's car = sad, me = angry
food = tasty
caitlin = calming
miami ink = making me want to get an apprenticeship even more, and making me sad that i don't have the time.
my tattoo = coming together, and looking more doable, financially.
me = sleepy, but content

Current Mood: better

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