August 4th, 2005

random stuff

mmm...sweet sweet dairy queen gift certificates...
so, a veritable gaggle of teenage girls giggled and skittered out of a limo that pulled up outside the DQ. i gathered from the talk of the driver that it was the sixteenth birthday of one of them. much to my surprise and delight, i found myself not judging them for their ditziness, or for the probable overindulgent parents behind this, but rather merely hoping that the girl was having a good birthday, and thinking to myself how generous of them it was when they bought the driver a dilly bar. i think i'm getting better.
i have given my sister the names Shavo the Young, and Esvath of Pirates. This now adds to her list of names, including the original Katherine Ann Cragoe, her intended Katherine Uptain Awesome, and my personal nickname for her, Buttons. I did this, like so many other things, completely arbitrarily. the names have no meaning whatsoever, other than the fact that katie is young, and a pirate.
off i go. (flies away)
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fucking excited!!!

i just finished typing up my first short film screenplay, tentatively titled 'cragoes vs. the basement.' now, i did this over the course of a grand total of about an hour, and it was the product of my slightly tipsy and bored imagination, but my mom thinks it's funny, and katie's all excited about it. we fully intend to make this into a short film with max directing, and tim-tim as the narrator, so watch out for this film in festivals this coming year.
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