August 1st, 2005

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'morning folks. and for once, i'm saying that when it's actually still morning! i'm currently updating from caitlin's compooter in chicago. without further ado, synopsis:
arrived in chicago. happy like a crazy person. crazy like a happy person.

field museum. much interestingness, and a giddy girlfriend. then headed on over to andy's house, where everyone in the room (aside from caitlin and joel) ignored me with no small level of conviction, but after 6 hours of gaming, they had considerably loosened up.

FAIRE!!! that was exciting, walked around, saw a bunch of people, bought a kukri (thank you anna), ate some foodstuffs. it was good times. then returned to caitlin's house for smoothies (at least i think that was the night o' smoothies). and 'cause i'd be sleeping on the street otherwise.

hung around the house, relaxing, reading 'lord of light', trying to contact the kitty. the girl took a nap for a while, and then off to see 'march of the penguins' with kitty and magilla gorillard. oh jesus, the PENGUINS!!! i smiled until i thought my face would break, and was also made abysmally depressed and sad. good, good movie. i felt so...good, after seeing it. then back to caitlin's house, where luck and air conditioners decided to beat us in the face.

-now it's monday mornin'
caitlin's off at work, hopefully not hacking off any limbs. i had a long conversation with caitlin's mom this morning about a vast many things. i think her friends and family are actually starting to accept my existence as being not the bane of theirs. fantastic. around noonish, i go with fro to god knows where to do hell if i know what. maybe seeing couch and her thing tonight, depending on if caitlin's up for it. fun times fun times fun times.

g'night, bitches.
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