July 26th, 2005

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i feel like i should put up an update with some info on what's going on with my summer at the moment, since that's why i set up this lj in the first place.
work's going alright. i'm almost never having to work with alan, which is a plus. i think if i had to work with him five days a week, i'd just quit and find a new job. i'm usually working under matt west, which is nice, 'cause it means that when the store's dead, i don't have to put on the facade of working, 'cause the manager's not a dumb shit who can't understand the concept of not working if you don't have to.
hanging with friends has been going decently, though i haven't been doing as much of it as i would like. there's shit with jake that i never fully understand, 'cause it's jake, and that's not great, but other than that, everything's peachy-keen. i finally had a long talk with max about problems, and trust, and we both came away feeling a lot better for it. having to dodge around subjects with your best friend fucking sucks. me and katie have been hanging a lot, and for the first time ever, this summer we've actually been hanging out just the two of us, which is awesome. katie is just awesome. and then there's tim. katie and i actually decided that anything that can be said about our posse will always be ended up with 'and then there's tim.' because tim's just tim. and that's all there is to say about him.
oh, and that he and i are probably gonna go tattoo parlor-hopping on wednesday to try and get some consultation on my latest design, and also to just scope out unfamiliar territory.
as for family, it seems like everybody's a little calmer than they were a few weeks ago. katie and poppa went up north together, and as much as katie was dreading the experience, it sounds like it didn't go too badly. i'm not sure they bonded, but they listened to music in the car together for long periods of time, which is about as close as they come.
in financial news, my family's still poor as proverbial churchmice, and the deal that my dad potentially was going to get is coming along, but much, much slower than he expected it to, and thus is not providing us with much extra income. on the upside of things, beloit decided to give me a bunch of tuition exchange and need-based shite in addition to the federal grants and subsidized loans, and all-told, i'm getting very close to full-ride this year. this means katie can go to college, and not feel as guilty about bleeding our family dry.
umm...what else...oh, yea. i miss gaming. and beloit. and bsffa. i don't have enough of any of these things, and it's making me cry on the inside. i can't wait to see people, and hear about summers, and immediately not care about people's summers, and chill in the lounge, and play exalted, and set up my changeling game, and GAH!!! i fuckin' miss it.
and last, but prob'ly not least, i'm coming down to chicago on thursday. this makes me happy in da pants. and on my face. and in my heart. it sounds like i'm going to get to see a lot of people, go to renfaire, and hang out with caitlin for 5ish days! this is all fuckin' good news. i'm looking forward to it muchly.
i think that about does it for news. at least for news that i'm willing to oversimplify and summarize. g'night, homies.
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me talking about jessica simpson:

"i don't see the appeal. i think she has what i'd call jennifer lopez syndrome. her sexuality is played up so much that everyone just automatically accepts her to be the hottest thing under the sun, when really, yea, she's good-looking, but it's nothing abnormal. for one thing, she has no ass. a girl with no ass is...well, it's just not right. a girl with no ass is like...uh...a girl with no ass to girls, is like a hatchback to cars. sure, you'd drive a hatchback. but no one really WANTS to."

i'm pretty sure i'm going to hell. and for the record, this wasn't supposed to be sketchy at all. the sketchiness was completely accidental.
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as i warned robyn i would:

i'm stealing this from robyn and turning it into a meme. 'cause it's the most feel-good, self-indulgent meme ever.

say something nice. it can be about me, about you, about others, about life in general, about whatever. just say something nice.

oh, and if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged.
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