July 23rd, 2005

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two more:
"besides, she likes to kiss, and that's cute. i hug her 'til i start to hurt her.
she wants to dance to my pulse by i got heart murmers..." -sage francis

"everybody needs a bosom for a pillow"
everybody needs a bosom for a pillow." -random reggae song i heard yesterday.
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news for the day: i have a roommate. he goes by the name of jacob oppenheimer. we shall hopefully be placed on whitney 3rd.

other news:
"...from anne landers, to ani difranco, to orphan annie,
i love all women, but most of 'em just can't stand me,
i don't know, maybe it's my hair, or my clothes,
(backing voc) or maybe she noticed that you was diggin' in yo nose!"

atmosphere = awesome.
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    atmosphere - lucy ford