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theljparadox's Journal
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Wednesday, July 20th, 2005

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"in this cause, i too am prepared to die...
there is no cause for which i am prepared to kill!
i am asking you to fight! to fight against the anger, not to provoke it!
we will not...strike...a blow!!!"

they put a recording of ghandi in a song! how can you not love wookiefoot?

Current Mood: not ready for work
so, i had a weird work shift today. in the span of 3 hours, it went from fantastic, to terrible. something amazingly great happened, and then something awful. but, as i prefer to remain as cheery as possible, and because it's a much less depressing story. i'll choose to dwell on the great thing.
i thought i was hallucinating, or that i had fallen asleep and was having an amazingly hilarious dream. but no. a priest and a rabbi, in full garb, walked into my store, bought a cantaloupe and some ice cream, and left. it could've only been made better if i worked in a bar.

Current Mood: really shitty. but amused.

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