July 19th, 2005

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so thanks to the wonder of travelocity, i'm coming to chicago again. it would've been better if caitlin had been able to come here, but visiting time is visiting time, and it's better than what most people in our situation are getting. thus, i am excited! maybe i'll go to renfaire with her, and then get to see folks! that'd be sweet.
in other news, my co-workers have apparently always thought i was gay (a fact of which i was well aware, but was recently officially pointed out to me from one among the ranks). upon hearing about this, i had a few options with which i could respond:
a. anger and indignation: "what the fuck?! how could you morons be so goddamned stupid?!?!?! what the hell have i ever done to EVER give you that even VAGUE impression???"
b. docile correction: "(shakes head, sighing) no, andrew, i'm not gay."
c. sarcasm (a personal specialty): "yes, andrew, naturally. of COURSE i'm gay. i mean, i don't like sports, i enunciate my words when i speak, i don't objectify women. i mean, SHIT, if i'm not gay, then that's gotta mean i'm some kinda...FRUITY straight dude, infiltrating the ranks of the REAL MEN!"

i decided to go with choice d. none of the above. i find i am perfectly content to let them wonder, despite the many signs of my non-gayness, and the lack of evidence to the contrary. there are some days i'm just happy to let stupid people wallow in their own simplicities. i feel it's funnier this way.


okay, so apparently i owe the jubilee employees an apology. it has been brought to my attention that i present my sexuality somewhat ambiguously, a fact of which i was not aware. though, you'd think after working with me for nigh on 5 years now, they'd have figured out the truth of the matter.
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i feel it's time i should make some assertions, regarding what people should do. 'cause i'm a know-it-all like that.
-drink more green tea. i recommend you put honey in it, but if that's not your thing, that's cool. it's good for you, it's tasty, and on the offchance you have a sore throat, it'll love you like no other.
-listen to underground music. mainstream is all well and good, but it's going downhill in quality, and it is infinitely more satisfying to hear magnificent lyrics, and better overall music, written by people who came from where you came from, went through the shit you went through, and might sit down and chat with you at their concerts. i recommend underground hip hop, which is making a comeback in a huge way right now. names like 'eyedea and abilities,' 'sage francis,' 'soul position,' immortal technique,' 'pepper,' and 'heiroglyphics,' should become familiar. even if hip hop's not your thing, i suggest you sample the underground scene, because it grows on you, and lyrically, you won't find anything better, anywhere.
-bread pudding is amazing, if you make it right. try it. go to an irish pub, and try it. you're just gonna have to trust me on this one.
-don't assume too much. assuming things can be helpful, and can often make you look real smart-like, but the simple fact is, you're probably wrong about at very least a little bit of it.
-games are GAMES. don't treat them otherwise.
-watch as many sunsets as you can. watch them with friends, or loved ones if you want, though my personal preference is to watch them all by your lonesome. most of you probably know i don't smile much, and when i do, it's strictly because i have a reason to smile. i've never watched a sunset and failed to smile.
-try not to do things for irrational, poorly though-out reasons. example: a friend of mine won't touch alcoholic things, even if it's been cooked into food, so there's no more alcohol in it. his reasons behind this are his own, and i respect them, but other than his grudge (a legitimate grudge though it may be) against alcohol, he has no reason not to eat spaghetti with red wine cooked into it, but he won't all the same, and is thusly missing out on some tasty food. example 2: i won't go near weed. so much as being around the smell puts me in a foul mood. it's a similar grudge to that of my friend, but for my own reasons, i hate the stuff, and thus, i won't even hang out with people if i know they're high. i wouldn't have to smoke if i hung out with people who were smoking. i've never felt any pressure to conform to this practice. but i won't go anywhere near it. this keeps me from having some good times, and for no particularly good reason. don't be like that.
-feel free to do things for 'no damn reason at all.' never underestimate the value of the pointless act. as long as it's not destructive to people around you, or to you, for that matter, pointlessness can be wonderful. dance, for fucks sake! i don't care that you're standing in line at the grocery store! dance around! make up songs about the technological wonder that is the plastic soda bottle! shoot the breeze with your cat! do it 'cause you want to.

i would've taken this out, and put in a hyperlink for the text, but i'm tech-tarded, and don't know how to do that.

-have a nice day.
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