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theljparadox's Journal
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Saturday, July 9th, 2005

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startling discovery for the day: i'm the kind of guy who plays diablo 2 and actually pauses the game to think 'why am i killing these monsters? are they really monsters, or are they just different from me, and being hunted and killed because the game rules tell me that's the way it works? am i really so easily manipulated so as to hate these creatures, and even delight in their death, when my only evidence that they're evil is the fact that they may have killed other people like me (who clearly invaded their lands)? i mean shit, i go into hell, these 'monsters'' home, and start killing the fuckers! that doesn't seemOH SHIT THAT'S A FLAWED DIAMOND, I SHOULD SCOOP THAT SHIT UP!!!'

i'm so bored some days...

Current Mood: amazed at myself
i just took a frightening step in my gaming career, and purchased my first gaming book. it's a game called 'engel' put out by swords and sorcery, wherein you play angels in a post-apocalyptic 'neo-medieval' setting. it sounds like it has the potential for really nice in-depth plot development, of which i am always a fan. i'm all excited.

Current Mood: sort of bouncy
"see, that's what i like about neil gaiman; he says the simplest things, that make you think 'why didn't i think of that?' but then you remember, 'oh yea, i'm not a genius!' -katie cragoe

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