July 8th, 2005

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i'm sort of updating because i feel like i should. but despite the numerous eventful things that are happening in my life at the moment, i've sort of lost track of which ones are newsworthy enough to post about. so i guess i'll just list off stuff briefly, and if people really feel the need to know more, they can just fuckin' ask.
-went down to chicago, where i spent time with caitlin, interacted with her friends and family (mostly good interaction), saw a few things, relearned to despise the existence of glass, ate some food. all in all, a goodly trip that really needed to happen.
-toyed with the possibility of caitlin coming up to visit me, instead of me going down to chicago. came to the conclusion that yes, that would indeed be preferable, and would make it much more likely that i would make it to gencon, but no, it's probably not going to happen.
-talked to my mom about stuff with my dad, and how she's feeling, and how she really should talk to me and katie instead of just bottling everything up inside.
-hung out with max, who still won't tell me what's wrong, but i'm not going to press him.
-hung out with tim, at which point in time i purchased two more wookiefoot albums, both of which i am thoroughly satisfied with, though i did have to confront my fear of liquid money and use my credit card, and one of the cds is going to jinx anyway.
-get paid tomorrow, which is exciting, as i'm down to 1 dollar and some change.

g'night, folks.
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