June 26th, 2005

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i likes changeling a bunch. the game went well, though it did end up killing the main npc, and my munchkinland character. the characters accomplished their objective, interacted well, met some interesting npc's, and the players had fun. a success all around. i'm looking forward to continuing the plot in campaign form in the fall.
it's so hot here...
wait...that's not correct. it's not that hot. it's like 85 right now, which, don't get me wrong, is fuckin' warm, and that's as cool as it's been all day, but it's not the heat. it's the humidity. it feels like i'm swimming. everything's just sticky, and nasty, and it feels like when you're so tired you can't sleep, when you're just kind of in that lethargic half-zombie state. it's not fun.
on another up note (i like to get that up-and down-and up again feel to an update), i'm going to chicago in less than four days now, and i'm excited. i get to see the caitlin, and the chicago, and it sounds like maybe the fro. the weather doesn't sound like it'll be ideal, and there's some debate over whether the activities of my visit will be enjoyable, but given the pros vs the cons, i feel i can't complain.
i guess that's the news for the moment. later folks.
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