June 24th, 2005

that gaming meme that's going around

-Years roleplaying: not quite one
-Favourite characters?: greg/quinn and frost.
-Male or female characters?: male, thus far.
-Oldest character?: i'll assume this means earliest character, and that would be that boggun i played in sarah's changeling pickup towards the middle of last fall.
-Newest character?: link, the hunter with a heart of gold. wait...lead. i meant heart of lead.
-Most popular character?: hmm...quinn maybe? people seemed to like quinn
-Character (type) you've never played?: the diplomat. and i never will.

Which character of yours would be most likely to...
-Jump off a bridge?: frost
-Get drunk and pass out?: that boggun i mentioned
-Kill somebody in a very unorthodox way?: geesh...shaman. i mean shit, the man does it as a hobby.
-Get married?: hmm...capt. brigand perhaps? barring duty to nexus, he'd be the most willing.
-Be far too hyper for their own good?: that irritating-ass ventrue i brought in at the end of larp. i can't remember his name.
-Be raped?: umm...i, uh...keys, i guess. he's really pretty and really weak, so he'd have the toughest time fighting it off...
-Get lost and refuse to ask for directions?: oh, shit, that'd be keys.
-Get lung cancer?: capt. brigand. he wandered around in nexus snow, for fucks sake!
-Star in a horror movie?: shaman
-Star in a whore movie?: greg
-Star in a video game?: ryu, the ronin
-Make the world a better place?: hmm...this world; quinn. the exalted world; brigand.
-Have a torrid gay love affair?: uh...i honestly can't think of any of my characters who would get involved in a gay affair. shaman might, but for one, he's extremely homophobic, and two, he would just kill the guy during sex, so...

Relate each word to a character of yours:
-Love: quinn
-Hate: shaman (though he was in the running for 'love' too)
-Money: the afore-mentioned ventrue
-Seduction: oh jesus...shaman...
-Lies: greg
-Tragedy: a tie; quinn and link
-Manipulation: greg
-Violence: shaman
-Politics: greg
-Fire: brigand
-Ice: shaman

Would you ever...
-Play a prostitute?: perhaps, but not well
-Play a musician?: sure
-Play a pilot?: umm...why not?
-Play a homosexual?: i suppose.
-Play a paedophile?: if pedophelia is the only crime of that character, then i'd have played worse, but no, i don't think i would.
-Play a politician?: perhaps, but not well
-Create a character for the sole purpose of smut?: yea
-Play a character who commits incest?: i could

man...that was an abrupt end to a meme...weird last question. anyway, there it is.
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