June 23rd, 2005


good morning minnesota : D i-hate-youuuuu
there are a select few people who actually know in what tone (and tune) and why i say that, but rest assured, it's how i feel. i've been awake for an hour now. it's motherfucking 7:22, and i've been awake for a goddamn hour. went to bed at 2:00, got to sleep around 2:30. four hours of sleep. and it's not because i have work early today, or work at all today for that matter. nor is it because i should be working out today (though i should). no. neither of those perfectly plausible reasons is the case. i'm awake because my mom closed my door. she didn't even do it loudly. she just closed it. the woman has no concept of the way airflow works in our house. an open window serves no purpose without clear flow through to another open window or door! so, here i sit at my computer, in boxers 'cause anything more would be to warm, and anything less would be really uncomfortable sitting on this chair, awake and angry. mrr...need sleep so much...but it hates me so good...
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so...i can't say exactly when it's gonna start, or how many players i'm going to be wanting, but it sounds like, in addition to project monkey, i'm going to be running a changeling campaign set in and around new orleans this coming semester. not that it'll do me any real good, but out of sheer curiosity, raise your hand if you're interested.
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