June 21st, 2005

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so i haven't updated in a while. i just sort of noticed this, and guessed it was about that time where i rememedy that.
the last few days have been semi-eventful. i'm still trying to organize the changeling pickup, and figure out plot and all that. i'm really proud of the background i've given the game, though. it's all detailed, and involves vampires, and a hunter, and local politics, and negotiations, and new orleans. it's really realistic and plausible, hence, i'm whathappy about it. thus far, i think all the potential players are jake, tim, katie, paige, yanni, yanni's katie, melvini, maybe max, dan, and kat. most likely it'll end up being a much smaller group than that, and that will be sad, but i'll live. anyway, chris and i get together thursday to discuss plot and npc's and such, so i'm looking forward to it. and katie did a drawing of her satyr, and it's adorable.
in slightly more dismal news, i got caught in a horrible storm yesterday while i was on my bike. coming home from highland, i got almost knocked off the bridge by the wind, soaked by the rain, and cars splashing me as they went by, pelted with hail (with no shirt on, as i had tied it to my bike and the wind decided to steal it), and forced to take shelter in the woods off on the side of the road. lightning was striking less than a mile from me as i was coming across the bridge, as well. i was scared. it was not okay. but, thankfully, i made it home reasonably safe, if a little bruised from the hail.
to lighten the mood again: today is national eclaire day. i don't know how jake found out about this, but this seems like a prime excuse for all of you to go out and eat mother fuckin' eclaires. i already had mine, and let me tell you, mm-mmm. that's some good pastry.
on a completely unrelated, but equally happiness-inducing note, i get to see caitlin in 9 days. i'm fucking excited.
now i go watch mrs. doubtfire, and do some laundry. it's gonna be an exciting night, i assure you.
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dedicated to alex

"don't hike farther up the trail."

there are some things that just put shit into perspective, and make it right again.
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