June 13th, 2005

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okay, so i finally installed the intarweb connection on my laptop. for those of you who have no reason to know the following information, my home (desktop) compooter has so much goddamn shit in it from katie's filesharing programs n' shite, my dad's just going to have to take it down to jordan and give it a labotomy before we can ever hope to use it again. so i've had no internet for the last...oh, about 4 or 5 days.
news, news....hmm...well, katie's graduation party was yesterday. i think i'd rather have been punched in the face once. or maybe twice. yea, it was pretty bad. about 25 screaming adolescents + (about) 10 very dry adults + 2 of my friends = rookie getting claustraphobic. i also had to deal with an ex-girlfriend who still likes me, and doesn't hide it well, and today has been long too, with caitlin doing something wretched to her thumb, and my not being able to hang with people because of storm warnings.
it's been a bitchy couple of days, what do you want?
aright, food time now. bye, for now, folks.
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