June 9th, 2005

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okay, so i here are the things on my mind:
-i'm considering not doing this whole 'livejournal' thing anymore. it seems to have little-to-no point.
-i need to contact chris, and we need to figure out what game we're running, when we're running it, and who's gonna play. i should do that reasonably soon.
-clothes are overrated. it has become almost perpetually shirtless (and quite often, pantsless (don't worry, not boxer-less)) o' clock at my house for me. it's too fucking warm for clothes. in fact, i've discovered that the only articles of clothing i actually enjoy wearing are open-fronted button-down shirts. i just like the way they flow when i move. oh, and my trenchcoat, but max has that right now.
-i'm coming down to chicago on the 30th, to visit the caitlin. i think it's safe to say i'm a little excited.
-i can't for the life of me remember what the penny-arcade comic is called with the whole "the monkey watches..." thing in it. it's bothering me.
-oh shit, i've gotta take care of that chieftains playlist!
-done and done
-i'm really thin, but not in particularly good shape. i'm trying to remedy that, but i'm lazy, so getting started is difficult.
-there was something else i had on my mind, but i can't remember what it was...shit, and i think it was important, too...fuck...
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