June 3rd, 2005


the most emo thing i may ever say: at the moment, i feel like my soul is echoing. (oh...jesus, that was emo...ow...ow...fuck, OW....)
anyway, hence the title. i'm feeling sort of blank, and kind of lonely. i'm pretty sure it's mostly 'cause i just got to spend a full week with caitlin, no more than about 20 feet apart at any given time, and then she left, and so that's beating me about the head a little. also, i just really miss seeing the beloit people. i miss hanging out in the lounge, waiting for more people to show up, or sitting in bryce or alex's rooms, just shooting the proverbial breeze. i think it would help if i had something to do. i have the job, but that fills like 20 hours in my week. and i'm supposed to start working out again, but i'm sort of trying to get max to get off his sleepy ass and come with me, and that's harder than one would think. not that he doesn't want to come with, it's just...waking up max is like trying to shove some life into a rock. it's not easy. i dunno, i just need to be out and about more.
in completely contradictory, but still good, news, katie and i cleaned the highland library out of their sandman stock, and are barreling through the series at an alarming rate. we sort of eat sandman. i've also discovered that i fear neil gaiman, and am in awe of his work, in the same way that most people fear god. i'm not sure that's okay, but whatever. it's not really my fault. i just...i mean...neil GAIMAN, fuckers!!
i guess that about does it. AWAY!!!
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