June 1st, 2005

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for the fucking hell of it, i guess i'm answering this little questionairre that's floating around. i'm not using screennames though, 'cause i don't know enough people for that, and i'm just gonna go up through tower for peoples, aside from the home friends listed first.

1. max
2. jake
3. joel
4. tim
5. anna
6. dessa
7. bryce
8. alex
9. gordon
10. lex
11. zee
12. sam
13. gelf
14. becca
15. russ
16. maryam
17. papa joe
18. buddha
19. propsie
20. david

is #9 a boy or a girl? hmmm...girlie boy? i hear he has a penis, but he's adorable like a five-year-old girl at times, so...

would #11 and #2 make a cute couple? no. no...just...just no...

how about #18 and #4? i don't think 'cute' is the right word...it'd be an interracial gay couple with about a foot and a half of height difference, so no, 'cute' isn't right.

would #17 make love to a sheep? it bothers me that i don't know

when was the last time you talked to #12? sometime towards the end of the school year, i s'pose

what is #6's favorite band? i know she likes they might be giants? i don't really know

does #1 have any siblings? he's got these...things...that run around his house yelling odd noises...is that like siblings?

would you ever date #3? date, no, have sex with until the day of judgement puts a stop to it, hmm...no

would you ever date #7? we flirt a lot, but methinks that's as far as...oh, it's bryce! well, fuck yea!

is #16 single? that's a negatory

what's #15's last name? you know...i don't know...

what's #10's middle name? i'm not gonna check the list on this one, i have no idea

what's #5's favorite thing to do? that i'm aware of, cook with garlic. and punch folks, to a useless, and obsene degree.

is #13 hot? not just hot, tiny-hot! that's like condensed hot, or alternately, hot lite

would #14 and #19 make a good couple? no. and i say this simply because by two weeks in, both of them would be women.

what school does #20 go to? dat beloit der

tell me a random fact about #11. okay, umm...she gets tremendous headaches, that cast silence upon the lounge.

and #9? his exalted character in andy's game like-a tha penis-symbols.

and #3? he works three jobs, and goes to school. one of the most hardworking mother fuckers i've ever known.

have you ever had a crush on #15? i dunno...he is kinda pretty...no

where does #9 live? i should know, but i'm having a brain-fart currently, and the name's not coming to me.

what's #4's favorite color? i'm going to guess black

would you make out with #14? why not

are #5 and #6 best friends? not really a question i can answer safely

does #7 like #20? i think so

does #8 like #19? methinks yes

how did you meet #2? he was one of the first friends i made in 9th grade. we had band class together, and when we started making racial slurs at each other, we became fast friends.

how did you meet #18? ummm...i don't know. some kinda bsffa thing.

does #10 have any pets? i dunno

is #12 older than you? quite so, quite so

is #17 the sexiest person alive, or what?! oh hell yea, bitch, that's what i'm talkin' about!!!

if #6 and #19 were animals, what animals would they be and would they get along? hmm...tough question...dessa would be...i dunno, i've always thought of dessa as being a little like a bunny, so yea, a rabbit...and propsie...let's see...a ferret. oh hell yes, a fucking ferret. as to getting along, they'd tussle, but nothing serious.

do you think you'll still know #7 is 10 years? he's one of the few people on this list to which i can honestly respond, yes, i think i will know him in 10 years.

do you think you'll still be friends with #13 in 10 years? probably not. and that's sad, 'cause gelf's the awesome, but it's the truth.

will #4 and #16 know each other in 10 years? unless some twist of fate introduces them to each other between now and 2015, i'd say that's a solid no.

would #13 and #15 have attractive children? hmm...yea...yea, actually, i think they would. the hair would be amazing.

is #9 as hot as #20? what a bitchy question. aright, whatever, i'm a bitch. i'd say so. there...actually, that wasn't offensive at all. fantastic!

thus concluding that shit. off i go. bye, bitches!
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