May 29th, 2005

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so caitlin left this morning. having her here was fucking amazing. great times. having her leave was fucking sad. sad times. oh well, with any luck, the JOB I JUST GOT will make it so i can see her again this summer. if i'm coming back to the store with the wages i left it at, it shouldn't be too difficult.
anywho, YES, it's true, i have a job. i managed to get my old job back at the store, which is fucking amazing. if it works out as planned, i'll start out at 10.50 or so an hour, flexible schedule, and all that jazz. nevermind the fact that my fellow employees all act like they're 14, regardless of age. whateva, it's decent moneys, at a time when i badly need moneys.
anything else that i've done today has been pretty mundane. i went to dinner with my mom, katie, and one of our host students, at this shnazzy vietnamese place with an awesome koi pond. i kept looking up and catching the waiter smiling at me, and he'd blush, and bustle away as fast as possible. me and katie were in stitches.
then i went and hung out with max, and emmy and her girlfriend. we went for a walk, and emmy made cat noises. it was odd.
and now i'm back, talking to folks online, and (not) listening to katie's moosic. mm...i'm gonna go watch jay and silent bob strike back. g'night folks.
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