May 27th, 2005

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and i'm back. the trip up north with the caitlin was extra-pleasant. i needed time away from home, and i needed time with the girl, so this trip was good for me. mostly consisting of hanging out around the trailor, looking at the lake, driving places (oh gawd, palisade head was amazing!), eating when appropriate, and sleeping when we felt like it. good trip. better than good.
now we're back in the cities. it's looking like caitlin's going to have to spend another day here, since the train to chicago for tomorrow is sold out. i'm not too disappointed. we'll see what we end up doing. the suggestion has been made that we try and get together with beloit people from the area, and idea which i am not altogether against trying. meh. like i said, we'll see.
anything else of importance...oh yes, katie's an amazing person. she drew the funniest fucking school project i've ever seen in the form of a 24-page comic. genius stuff.
mmkay, off i go now. apparently momma needs the phone lines to be not completely tied up.
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