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theljparadox's Journal
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Saturday, May 21st, 2005

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my day
i woke up. showered. dressed. scratched my knee. checked e-mail. went to lunch. went shopping. became amazed at how much of a consignment whore i've become. bought a really pretty tie and a fancy white shirt. came home. had to go through a gallop poll. checked e-mail. went on lj.

moral: don't ever, EVER, tell the gallop people 'sure, i'll fill out your survey! gimme a call went you wanna do that!' worst...idea...ever...

Current Mood: cynical
game idea
and as a sidenote, i dreamed up plot last night. i don't know what system to put it in, though. it involves bsffa people, and death. you know...the hooded guy...kinda emaciated? yea, him. i'm thinking deliria, maybe. or demon? i don't know.

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