May 20th, 2005

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well, i just spent an excruciating lunch with my mother and grandmother. okay, maybe excruciating is a little strong, but it wasn't fun. but, it was either suffer through three hours of ultra-old, or two days of my mother guilting me about not spending three measly hours with my grandmother. i recognize that i should be nice to my grandma, but it's just kind of difficult sometimes.
i haven't checked my grades yet, but due to the recent fiasco with bill new, i'm more than a little concerned. i think i'll due that promptly after updating.
E3. without giving too much away, all i'm gonna say is don't go to it with great expectations. walk into the theater expecting a bunch of prettiness. and bring headphones.
i need a job...oh so badly. i've been looking around, but haven't heard anything yet.
on a lighter note, i'm wearing my comfy green leprechaun jacket, and there's something to be said for that.
that's the news, i'm Chesty Laroo.
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