May 18th, 2005

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anyone know bill new? yea, i wanna punch him right about now. it seems he didn't receive my final paper when i sent it to him via email, and no he's not letting me do a grade change. the final paper and both class evaluations, including the one telling them where to allocate ten percent of my grade, are completely nullified. bill new, you fucking dick. i'm so god damned angry right now. i'm not sure if it's a good thing or not that i can't check my grades right away.
in lighter news, i've applied to a bunch of places today, and will probably apply to more tomorrow. i'm trying to avoid working at mega-stores and walgreens, and hopefully applying to every other place in town will make it so i don't have to. the bakery job wouldn't be bad, nor would the pet shop gig. i dunno, we'll see.
advice for the day: don't eat too many jelly beans at once. it causes more abdominal pain than i can possibly express using merely my knowledge of the english language and a keyboard.
and i'm out. bye, bitches.
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