May 16th, 2005

monkeys i guess i'm updating, bitches. umm...right. my back hurts. like a bunch. it's probably this position i'm sitting in. wait...ahhh, mucho bettero.
well, i've gotten to surf the intarweb today, a much-needed commodity. i've also found out that i might be able to go up north soon, perhaps with that thing i date, we'll see. my dad's acting really fucking wierd still, but he offered me his vehicle to take a three hour drive out of town without him, and that's just awesome.
in other news, i've been looking for a job. scandia bake shop might hire me, and so might that auto shop place down on 34th, but neither of them sound that exciting. i'd hate the idea of getting sick of pastries and brownies, and i don't exactly relish the opportunity to change peoples' oil all day, but what am i going to do? i fucking need employment. i'd pull my pot of gold from the end of the rainbow, and just live off that shit, but there are no rainbows, and even if i found one, i'm too lazy and out of shape to run all the way to the other end of it (i'm working on the out-of-shape part.)
my sister thinks she's gonna find some chick at the pride parade. i told her she's 'tarded, and not to start up anything before she has to leave for college. a relationship for her at this point would be an awful idea, considering that her school's gonna be in the middle of Nowhere, NY.
let's see...what other head itches. but i just scratched it, so it's okay. OH!! everyone out there who appreciates good hip-hop and protest music (which i s'pect is like maybe a couple of you at best), should check out a guy called 'immortal technique.' he is one crazy mother-f-er, and he's got an awesome sound.
okay, i think that's my daily quota of what i'm allowed to ramble about, so i'm off.
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