May 12th, 2005

first real entry in a while...hmm...

so i'm home. it's kind of wierd. thus far, i've watched a fucked up play called 'ubu roi.' man, south high, your sub-standard boffers make me so god damned sad. my parents are acting really, really strange, but i'm doing my best to ignore it. man, i had no idea i missed my sister so much. hanging with katie and jake today was awesome, and presumably, hanging with max will be as well. i don't know, as long as i avoid the hell out of the drama that follows him everywhere, it should be alright. meh, maybe we'll go downtown and make fun of porn. good times.
i'm also already missing my friends from beloit with an unexpected ferocity. it's kind of crappy without the beloit peoples. not that i don't like being home, but i really like the school folks. not that i like you guys. point of fact, i despise you. but i just sort of wish i had you around. i'm also more than a little sad i didn't get a chance to say goodbye to everyone that i wanted to, but whatever, the majority of people i will see next year.
anyway, i guess i've got shit to do now, apparently. hope everyone's summer kicks off well.
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