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Not having left any fingerprints on LJ in a couple of months, i don't really feel like doing a prose update.  Some poorly organized bullet points will have to suffice.  I will number the statements so that you all may respond (if you wish) to particular points with greater ease:

1.  My dad came to town, and though I don't think he got to see everything he wanted to, no one died while he was away from home - more of a concern than you might imagine - and I think he got a chance to relax, which was the most important thing.
2.  I finally saw a Burrowing Owl!  I've got to figure out what the next Grail-bird is going to be... I'm think it might be the Ancient Murrelet.  I've also seen my first Black Skimmer, which was really cool.
3.  China Mieville and Neil Gaiman are the two authors whom I wish would be more prolific.  I follow a number of other authors, but Mieville and Gaiman's books I gobble and digest so quickly that they cannot possibly keep up with my appetite for their work.
4.  Peregrine Research Group has received its first contract.  The details of payment will be worked out next week, but we will be doing a program evaluation survey for the Community Day/Day of the Dead event that the Hayward Area Historical Society is doing in October.
5.  I'm making a birthday present for my sister, and it's not going all that well.  I'm confident she won't see this, so I'll just tell you - it's a wild west style portrait of Katie, Caitlin, and myself, standing/sitting on the porch of a saloon which I will somehow indicate to belong to Katie.
6.  Caitlin bought a "Wii Fit."  We are using it, to my continued dismay.
7.  I wonder if the upcoming film, "Black Swan," will be an exercise in the use of Magical Realism in Film.  I don't think so.  Can anyone think of specific other films that would fit the description "Magical Realism?"  Is it a strictly literary genre?
8.  I am forced to take "Sociology of Intimate Relationships and Family" this fall.  I am not pleased.  I thought I was going to be taking "Sociology of Culture (subsection: Sociology of Sports)," about which I was unhappy, but tolerant.  I am yet less happy about this new development.
9.  Until reading Google News this year, I didn't realize how vigorously the national media scours the American Sociology Association annual meeting for stories.  The ASA meeting is apparently a big deal for the news media.
10.  We have failed pathetically to get rid of our minivan, and the whole thing is unbelievably frustrating.  Also, everyone who could possibly help me with my various bureaucratic problems with the scooter seems too lazy and apathetic to do so.
11.  "The Mayor's Tongue," by Nathaniel Rich, is the author's first novel, and is really delightful.  I eagerly await Rich's next book.
12.  I miss my friends, but I've begun the slow, uneasy process of realizing that distance is okay, that losing contact is natural, and that not seeing my friends or hearing from them often doesn't mean that they care about me any less or that they don't miss me like i miss them.
13.  Netflix is the most idleness-inducing product I've ever known - and that's after a lifetime of television, reading, video games, and RPG playing.  I need to cancel our service.  It's truly destroyed my ability to do a full day's work.
14.  I've done more resume-building in the last 6 months than I had in the six years prior.  And I'm just getting started.
15.  I'm married to a woman who would, were she left to her own devices, quickly and efficiently take over the world of non-profits, and run it like a Swiss watch until her death at the age of 112.  And I'm not entirely convinced she wouldn't go on running it for some time after that.
16.  I'm really quite proud of a large percentage of the people in my life.  A good portion of my friends and family are not only succeeding, but thriving and growing as human beings, and it pleases me to no end.
17.  Dennis Quaid's portrayal of Doc Holliday in "Wyatt Earp" is incredible.  I could give a rat's ass about the rest of the movie, but it's worth watching just for that one character.
18.  I still don't own "The Red Book," by Jung.  This is a travesty.  My library has grown considerably though, which comforts me.
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