theljparadox (theljparadox) wrote,

a really solid soliloquy

"You know, I want so badly to believe in God.  Not because of any words in the Bible, or claims made by gospels, but because, I suppose, with our planet being polluted into extinction while country after country develops nuclear bombs, coinciding with an unprecedented escalation in hatred, while an entire continent is dying from AIDS and starvation as the rest of the world pretends not to notice, it’s just not that easy these days to have faith in Man.  But, if we don’t believe in God, then our only alternative is to believe in Man.  Well, I’m not sure if I do believe in God.  And even if I did, I’m not sure he’d be the same God that you believe in, or you believe in.  But in the throes of doubt, I still do believe in Man.  I believe in Man’s innate sense of humanity; his potential for compassion; reason; righteousness in his heart."
-Alan Shore, Boston Legal

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