theljparadox (theljparadox) wrote,

Writer's Block: Are you incentivized?

Are there any buzz words or catch-phrases--such as incentivize or at the end of the day--that make you cringe? What are they, and why do you hate them?

1. "Hella." I can't explain this one, it just grates on me.
2. "Fair enough," when used completely inappropriately. I got burnt out on it in college.
3. "Irregardless." There is absolutely no reason not to say "regardless" instead, and you even get the added bonus of not sounding like an ass.
4. "We've decided to go in a different direction," as said by prospective employers rejecting my application. This kind of meaningless gibberish is my least favorite part about job-hunting.
5. Overapplied swearing, as used by adults who speak as if they've just cracked the technology on swear-words. I have a really low tolerance threshold for immaturity in adults, and this is probably the most effective way to make yourself sound like you're 13 years old.
6. All "lol," "ROFLMAO," "TMI," and other text-based abbreviations spoken aloud as if it's real language. I'm deeply offended by anything that has the potential to make otherwise intelligent young people sound like complete morons. This also includes just about anything and everything that stems from the "4chan" phenomenon.
Tags: writer's block
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