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-woke up at 7:30, which is about 2 hours earlier than i usually wake up.
-got dressed, went out, got in car. drove off to participate in a paid study on chewing gum.
-needed gas. stopped for gas (-$10).
-in a hurry, left gas-cap on top of car. drove away.
-after a block, guy in other car motioned to me that gas cap is missing. i facepalm, go back around the block.
-arrived back at gas station to find that in 30 seconds, some has stolen my missing gas cap. (-$15).
-got on highway. there is traffic. going to be late.
-made wrong turn, toward Bay Bridge.
-missed last Oakland exit before Bay Bridge, and got on "Buses and Carpools Only" lane to Bay Bridge by mistake. (cost of potential ticket unknown.)
-crossed Bay Bridge, called study place to say I won't make it. (-$4).
-made immediate U-turn, called place to say i might still make it.
-made it to study center, only to have them cancel the study for that day.
-was given check for $40 for my trouble (+$40).

all in all, assuming i don't get a ticket for taking the wrong toll road (which is hardly easy to assume), this morning has been a wash. apart from my general murderous rage which i probably won't be able to shake off for a few hours.
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