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Nobody likes a grouchy punching bag

why i love Karl Marx:
on capitalism: "Its idealism is fantasy, caprice and whim; and no eunuch flatters his despot more basely or uses more despicable means to stimulate his dulled capacity for pleasure in order to sneak a favour for himself than does the industrial eunuch - the producer - in order to sneak for himself a few pennies - in order to charm the golden birds out of the pockets of his Christianly beloved neighbors" (p. 94). sometimes i think poetry must have snuck up on Marx, and i like to think he was surprised by it every time as i am now.

why i hate Karl Marx:
"The antithesis of propertylessness and property so long as it is not comprehended as the antithesis of labour and capital, still remains an antithesis of indifference, not grasped in its active connection, its internal relation - an antithesis not yet grasped as contradiction" (p. 81) utterly incomprehensible bullshit that is barely helped by a knowledge of context.
also: "The entire movement of history is, therefore, both its actual act of genesis (the birth act of its empirical existence) and also for its thinking consciousness the comprehended and known process of its coming-to-be. That other, still immature communism, meanwhile, seeks an historical proof for itself - a proof in the realm of the existent - amongst disconnected historical phenomena opposed to private property, tearing single phases from the historical process and focusing attention on them as proofs of its historical pedigree (a horse ridden hard especially by Cabet, Villegardelle, etc.). By so doing it simply makes clear that by far the greater part of this process contradicts its claims, and that, if it has once been, precisely its being in the past refutes its pretension to being essential (p. 84, bold added). translation: we can rightly assert that things in the past are incorrect and unnecessary because they are not currently in use. WORST. ARGUMENT. EVER.

that is all. for now.

Marx, Karl.  (Unknown year due to lost pages) The Marx-Engels Reader.  Tucker, Robert C., Ed. New York, NY: Norton
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