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273 days to go.

On January 2 of 2010, my good buddy Willie (Cool by Intent) convinced me that it would be a good idea to check out this thing called Day Zero. It's a site where you can set up a list of 101 goals you'd like to accomplish in the next 1001 days - a little less than three years. Each year since posting it...well, I guess that'd be just last year, I've posted an update at the turn of the calendar with my progress.
The New Year has rolled around, by our ridiculous Gregorian calendar, and I'm in a pretty good place. Still married, still relatively healthy, living life more or less as I'd like to live it. There have been some stumbles, and I've come up short on a few of my goals, but on the whole, things are really going quite well:

1 Be accepted to a PhD program at the University of Chicago or Northwestern. (There are some of these that I'm bending the rules for, but this one was pretty clear. I was accepted by UIUC, and am now pursuing my PhD, but to not get into UC or Northwestern was a loss.)
2 Read at least 5 stories from the Riverside Chaucer. (I could theoretically still do this, but I've got to be realistic - I haven't even read 1 yet, and it's not like my time is abundant.)
3 Keep all my current animals (including myself) alive and well. (Neb's passing on the drive back to the Midwest brought this goal to a tragic halt.)
4 Never go 3 consecutive days without doing anything productive. (I've been lazier than I was hoping. Not much to say.)
5 Using Wikipedia, Futility Closet, and/or the news, learn something new every day. (See #4.)
6 Maintain body weight of 160lb or less. (See #4. I've never gone over 170lb, and I'm under 160 now, but this goal just didn't last.)
7 Eat a salad at least twice a month. (Did it for the first three months or so.)
8 Visit Death Valley with Caitlin. (Pretty sure this ship has sailed.)
9 Don't get seriously ill once. (Shearwater Journeys Pelagic Birdwatching Trip = N. Cragoe is as sick as a human can be.)

1 Ride a horse. (I did! There are pictures!)
2 Watch the sunrise and sunset in the same day. (It was accidental, but it happened!)
3 Earn my MA in Sociology. (Done and done. May 11, 2011.)
4 Run 3 miles per day, at least 2 days a week, for one month. (I'm not currently doing this, but I've done it multiple times.)
5 Increase the list of "Read" books on Goodreads to 600. (GR List:) 626.)
6 Get concrete, classroom teaching experience. (I'm a Grad TA. Doesn't get more concrete than that.)
7 Create three pieces of art, each in a style I've never used before. (The past year has been a constant exploration of new styles and mediums.)
8 Formulate a solid position on the difference between Sociology and Anthropology. (While Archeology is functionally distinct, Cultural Anthropology and Sociology no longer have any useful methodological or theoretical difference. And that's EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD.)
9 Formulate a solid position on the implications of obsolescence in academic discipline and theory. ("Obsolescence" is a misguided term. Disciplines don't become obsolete - the progression of time and data accumulation changes the way that a subject can be studied, so even if the subject of a discipline disappears, its history still has useful and relevant data to be explored.)
10 Sell a piece of art. (I've sold...4? At least 4. And I'm currently waiting to hear back on three commission inquiries. It's been a big art year for me.)
11 Raise credit score above 700. (Done.)
12 Acquire the Arrested Development Series. (Technically I don't own it, but I've watched it on Netflix so many times I can just sit in front of the TV and play it back in my head.)
13 Get a total of 5 "watchers" on DeviantArt. (As of yesterday, I have 53 watchers.)
14 Get 700 pageviews on DeviantArt. (As of now, I have 7,876 pageviews.)
15 Go on a whale-watch tour. (Technically it was a birdwatching tour, but I saw whales and dolphins while we were out. When I wasn't reenacting a Monty Python bit over the back of the boat.)
16 Gain a really solid understanding of all the major social theoretical frameworks. (I won't enumerate them, but you can quiz me. My theory-knowledge is pretty good.)
17 Learn how to sell stuff on (I learned. I haven't done it, but I learned how.)
18 Attend a game-night at a games shop. (Only did it once, but I did it.)
19 Buy a pair of shoes that aren't the exact same style I've worn for the last bajillion years. (I own two different pairs of nice shoes and a pair of blue tennis shoes.)
20 Do some kind of volunteer work or internship toward my career goals. (DataCenter Research Internship. Booyah.)
21 Move back to the midwest. (I've lived in Champaign, IL since September.)
22 Locate a pub that I like near anyplace I live in the allotted 1001 days. (Beckett's in Berkeley, Murphy's here in Champaign.)
23 Get a corkboard for the apartment, and use it to plan out MA thesis. (Did it.)
24 Create at least one concrete Christmas tradition. (I've started reading Caitlin a Sven Nordqvist book every year for Christmas. I love this tradition.)
25 Purchase and play through a new game for the PS2 or Wii. (Done. Multiple times.)
26 Swallow my pride and do some intra-city birding. (Knocked this one out in Davis, but I've done it since least 5 or 6 other cities.)
27 Drink water every day for a month. (I was hoping this would become a habit and it has. I drink water every day now.)
28 Bring each immediate family-member to see our apartment in Hayward. (Done.)
29 Get a new prescription from the optometrist, and get a new pair of glasses. (CostCo for the win!)
30 Cut my hair often enough that I don't lapse into Mountain Man Rookie mode. (Come close a couple of times, and my beard is a nationally protected wilderness, but done.)
31 Spend at least 2 holidays a year WITH OTHER PEOPLE. Doing it right now.
32 Put together a REAL Halloween costume for 2010. (Done. Also done for 2011.)
33 Get straight A's for one full school-year (3 consecutive quarters). (As a matter of fact, I haven't gotten anything less than an A since Beloit. Bam.)
34 Go to 5 different museums with Caitlin. (Very done.)
35 Eat a muffin. (I feel kind of bad about this one. It was a gas station muffin, pre-wrapped in plastic. Barely counts.)
36 Hand-write a letter to someone. (I wrote a letter to Lisa a while ago.)
37 Increase weightlifting capacity by 2 pegs on the contraption in the gym. (Not going to a gym right now, but last time I was there, I'd increased my weight by 4 pegs for both the sitting bench press and the overhead pull.)
38 Get a cellphone that makes me happy (*aHERMcoughcoughiphonecoughHACH!*) (It's not an iPhone, but I do very much like my Droid.)
39 Never be without a usable sketchbook. (I currently have more sketchbooks than I know what to do with. Literally.)
40 Run a mile in 8 minutes. (Only did it a few times, but did it.)
41 Buy an outfit - not just items of mismatched clothing, but a group of items that look great together. (Gray slacks, crimson shirt, charcoal jacket, back in 2010.)
42 See a Burrowing Owl in the wild. (I've gotten so close I might've caught one midair.)
43 Buy a Sunday New York Times every week for 3 months. (I didn't buy them per se, but I did swipe one each week from the stand outside the Communications department office.)
44 Find 3 new authors to follow. (Jeffrey Alexander, Anthony Giddens, and that guy who wrote "The Mayor's Tongue" whose name I can't remember right now, among many others.)
45 Cook one full, multi-course meal without screwing up the timing. (Done.)
46 Overcome my periodic insomnia. (Done? We'll see. Doing pretty well lately.)
47 Visit a friend. (Visited Miles, Eben, and Andrea in San Diego.)
48 Buy dinner for a guest. (Done, multiple times.)
49 Learn how to take and create better photos. (Done, though I've kind of gotten tired of being a one-trick photography-pony with my panoramic shots.)
50 Take a tai-chi class. (This one's kind of a cop-out. I took some online tutorials from Youtube. For about three weeks.)
51 Find a new musician or music group to obsess over. (Having a tumultuous affair with The Magnetic Fields.)
52 Try some kind of food I've never tried before. (Can't remember what it was, but apparently I did it, because it's marked off on my Day Zero list.)
53 Acquire a copy of "The Red Book" by Jung. (Thanks, Mom!)
54 Read something by Murakami, but wait until Gordon says it's time. (Read a couple of things. Not my favorite, but not terrible.)
55 Finish an entire tasks-list in the amount of time intended when it was written. (Done.)
56 Get my birding life-list up to 250. (As of yesterday, my life list is at 309.)
57 Play in an RPG campaign. (Both played and ran.)
58 Travel to at least 5 brand new places. (Done. Done done done.)
59 Get on-the-job social research/data analysis experience. (DataCenter internship and research assistance for Dr. Stempel.)
60 Present a paper at a Sociology conference (ASA, PSA, or CSA). (I presented at the 2011 PSA, and I'll be presenting at the 2012 PCA/ACA.)
61 Make at least 10 friends in California. (Done. And I miss them.)
62 Build the movie-library up to 3 full shelves. (Done.)
63 Retake the GRE and get a better score. (My verbal went down a little, but my math and analytic writing went up, and that was the important part.)
64 Put away/invest at least $15k. (I no longer have this much in the bank, but at one point between Caitlin and myself, we did.)

It's been a good year. Peace out, 2011. On to a great 2012.
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